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Infographic: What Can We Build With All The LEGO Bricks Ever Made?

Real estate website Movoto has published an interesting new infographic on its blog that shows what can be built with all the LEGO bricks ever made since the Danish brand first started producing them in 1958.

Assuming that all the bricks that have been created still exist today, there would be an incredible 472 billion LEGO bricks in the world in this day and age.

With that number of colorful plastic bricks, we can achieve a series of astounding architectural feats—for instance, 472 billion LEGO bricks are sufficient to construct 2,972 White Houses.

The bricks would also be able to build homes to house nearly 122,000 people.

Scroll down to find out what other amazing things can be built from the world’s LEGO bricks.

[via Movoto]


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