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Why Iron Man Doesn’t Ask The Avengers For Help

While you were watching Iron Man save the world in Iron Man 3, you would probably have wondered why he doesn’t call on his fellow Avengers for help.

It may be that Tony Stark is too proud to ask for help or that seeing them would remind him of the unpleasant wormhole incident—but perhaps, the “truth” is simply that Stark didn’t think that the others are quite up to scratch.

Comedy website Dorkly has published a series of funny fictional pros-and-cons sheets that are apparently done up by Iron Man to assess whether any of The Avengers are worthy allies.

In each case, from Captain America to Hawkeye, there is always one or more deal-breakers that make them unsuitable candidates to team up with Iron Man.

Scroll down to find out why none of The Avengers passed the “ally test”.

[via Dorkly]


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