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10 Hilarious Photos of Scotch Taped Faces

scotch tape face1

New Mexico artist Was Naman is best known for his work as a commercial photographer, but his latest collection of portraits takes of subjects wrapped in scotch tape is what caught our attention. During the holiday season, Naman was having fun with wrapping gifts and decided to take the use of scotch tape one step further. He asked his friends and family to participate in a photo series in which Naman wrapped their faces with scotch tape in order to photograph the distorted and somewhat freakish expressions. He then asked subjects to try to remove the scotch tape using nothing more than their face to loose and release it. The results are hilarious and Naman has come away with this project with a sponsored supply of scotch tape from the Scotch brand to created more photo projects using their product. We think the expressions are hilarious – and we’d love to see a side-by-side photo of what each model looks like – pre-scotch-tape-face. Naman must have some really nice friends – we dread the idea of removing so much scotch tape from our eyebrows and hair! Ouch.

scotch tape face2

scotch tape face3

scotch tape face4

scotch tape face5

scotch tape face6

scotch tape face7

scotch tape face8

scotch tape face9

scotch tape face10



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