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7 Awesome Photos of People Falling

falling people1

Kerry Skarbakka is a visual artist and educator working in photography and video. He received his B.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture in 1994 from the University of Washington School of Art. In 2003 he completed his MFA in Photography from Columbia College in Chicago. Skarbakka’s work has been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and art fairs. We love the way he manages to capture people mid-air, as if he is the only one witnessing a fleeting moment that is then captured on film forever. Skarbakka’s work was inspired by pilosopher Martin Heidegger who described human existence as “a process of perpetual falling.” Heidegger goes on to say that it is the “responsibility of each individual to them [themselves] from [their] own uncertainty.”

falling people2

falling people3

falling people4

falling people7

falling people5

falling people6


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