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Brand Bottles Smells To Help Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients Remember

They say that the sense of smell can help evoke powerful and vivid memories.

To help Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, global fragrance house Givaudan has teamed up with agency JWT Singapore to create bespoke kits.

The ‘Smell a Memory’ kit is customized to each Alzheimer’s and dementia patient, based on their family history, ethnicity, age and personal stories.

It harnesses the power of scent with bottled smells—that contain the smells of “Freshly cut grass”, “Seaside”, “Hainanese Coffee” and “School days”, to name a few—to spark memories and emotions within the patient.

Made with specific herbs, spices or objects, that are noted to make up the smells of places and dishes—the bottled scents reminded the patients of school, holidays, work, and other aspects of their lives.

The kits were tested at therapy sessions at a nursing home and a care facility, and it proved to be tools of sparking memories in some, and stimulating emotions in others.

[via Campaign Brief Asia]


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