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‘Emotionary’, A Website That Creates New Words For Complicated Emotions

We previously learnt that there were some emotions that couldn’t be translated into the English language.

However, thanks to actress Eden Sher, she has designed a website that invents new words for these untranslatable feelings.

Called ‘The Emotionary’, it is a treasure trove of new words like ‘emotionalize’, ‘inattextive’ and ‘rescern’ to describe complicated emotions.

“I used to hate words,” wrote Sher. “I thought words were fickle and futile. They insulted me by reducing my unique feelings and experiences-OBVIOUSLY only felt by me and me alone-to arbitrary sounds.”

“But then I realized that it was only hard for me to verbally communicate because I was afraid. I didn’t hate words at all! I was just terrified that I’d never be able to find the right ones with which to truly express myself.”

Sher also invites readers to submit their own ideas for new words to describe their own complicated emotions.

Will you be using these new words?

[via The Emotionary and Fast Co.Create]


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